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Always in our hearts

One of the most beautiful seasons of our animals lives are the senior years.

It's not always easy. As caregivers, we may find ourselves feeling caregiver fatigue - up at odd hours, coping with physical issues, and extra cleanup duty.

We may wonder .. when is it time to say good-bye. We may second guess ourselves, looking for answers. The good news - we're all on this journey together .. you don't need to sort this out alone.

We are all interconnected, we are all one. With time - and support - we feel her spirit in our hearts forever.

Please scroll down for resources ... and let us know how we can help.

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What do animals know?
Animals guiding us
How animal communication can help
Free Resources & Vet School Pet Loss Hotlines

two horses

"Somewhere, somewhere
In time’s own space
There must be some sweet pastured place

Where creeks sing on and tall trees grow
Some Paradise where horses go.
For by the love that guides my pen
I know great horses live again."
~ Stanley Harrison


What do animals know?

My experience from working with animals for years is that they are often aware of aging and their physical bodies will pass. They may experience grief at losing a buddy. In the 21st Century, more people are coming to understand the soul's afterlife - or continuation of energy - is the same for humans and non-human animals alike.

Animals just don't seem to spend their lives worrying about it.

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How to know

Saying good-bye with grace and compassion,with the help of a trusted vet, is one of the kindest, most heroic things a catperson can do.

Your veterinarian can offer medical guidance. At the end of the day, it's your decision ... and your animal's.

The animal may let us know ... they give us "the look."

Sometimes we feel a deep sense of peace with a decision. We 'just know' we are working with higher guidance.

Finding guidance may come more easily when we listen deeply to our animals, intuitively over a lifetime.

Even so - it's a challenge when we are dealing with a health concern, short on sleep, and experiencing natural human emotions.

This may be a time to ask a trusted friend or animal communicator to help support us .. and sit with us mindfully to listen for the guidance we need.

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How Animal communicating & energy medicine can help

Animal communication and energy medicine - including Acupuncture and Reiki - can help support the natural process of aging and transition.

By communicating with our animal, we can help them understand their medical care, and deepen the forever heart connection.

... Help resolve unfinished business
... Hear your animal's wishes
... Hold the space for your shared stories
... Help you move forward
... Help other animals in the group understand
... Balance and heal with holistic care

Please call us at 518-245-8010 or send us an email to ask how we can help.

Pet Loss ~ Links & resources ~ FREE HOTLINES ETC

PennVet - University of Pennsylvania Grief Support Resources
A leader in the field. Support, education info, counsleor phone contact.

Rainbow Bridge Pet Loss Grief Center

Chance's Spot - Resources & community forum

ASPCA Pet Loss Page and Free Support Hotline

Cornell Veterinary School
607-253-3932 - pet loss support hotline
The hotline is run by vet student volunteers.
Extensive resources on the website, too!

Tufts University Vet School - Hotline

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