Animal Communication ~ Client Testimonials

dog imageHeartfelt thanks to the wonderful animals and people I've worked with over the years. I love my work and am honored to meet real heros every day, people who appreciate the human animal bond.

Here are just a few of the wonderful messages I've received from these fine folks along the way. (For privacy, some names have been changed.) Peace ~ Susan Hamlin


"I just wanted to thank you again for consulting with me about Bailey. I feel very encouraged and I think he does too! For me, knowing the "whys" of his actions helps me understand him much better.
Thank you, thank you for sharing your gift." -- W.H.

"...When we contacted Susan M. Hamlin of Saratoga Intuitive Arts and described our situation, she immediately offered her time and skill as a donation to our rescue organization. This included many consultations, over the course of several days. Susan was able to tell us that his name was Jasper, which he immediately started responding to!
She also was able to help Jasper with some strategies for getting along in our multi-cat household. The fighting stopped. We could tell that Jasper was making a conscious effort to walk away when other cats provoked him ... We would recommend Susan Hamlin highly to anyone seeking a consultation with an animal communicator. She is extremely generous with her time and her skill, which is considerable. We really feel that Susanís help with Jasper was invaluable ... "
-- Jane DeMartino & Kathleen Purmell, Caring About The Strays, Inc , Schenectady, NY

"The results we experienced due to Susan's work were profound. She is always reacing for a higher place. Thank you, Susan, for all that you do. -- Rev. Brenda Carey Jenks, Reiki Master & Feng Shui Consultant