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Susan's goal is to help you deepen your true connection with your animal compaions, discover integrative approaches to wellness, behavior and performance, while honoring the spirit of all beings.

We will work together, discover and learn together, and together call upon the wisdom of science and spirituality for the highest good of you and your animals.

How do Skype and telephone sessions work?

After helping thousands of animals and an international clientele, I've seen first hand how phone sessions work as well as in-person.

You and your animal can relax in the convenience and comfort of your regular environment. Your animal does not need to be with you (or even awake) for this to work... though many people tell us their animal definitely engages with the session, even showing up by the phone when it's time!

To learn about services and fees - please visit our Consultation Page.

Fees & Services - How To Schedule an Appointment

Tips for Getting The Most Out of Your Consultation

Animal communication can help ...

hear what your animals are thinking and feeling
deepen your connection with the animals in your life
negotiate changes in behavior
enhance training & competition
calm fears, adjust to new surroundings
support for wild animals & native habitat
smooth out relationships with other animals
support holistic care
help sort out when it's time to say good-bye
connect with animals who have passed on, resolve unfinished business
gain wisdom about your spiritual path together

Fees & Services - How To Schedule an Appointment

Do you want to learn interspecies communication?

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Susan is passionate about supporting people in developing their intuitive heart connection with animals. Each private consultation empowers caregivers to experience the communication link with their animal first-hand.

Susan offers workshops in animal communication and one-on-one mentoring for developing animal communicators. Please visit our Workshop Page for more information

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Lost animals

Due to time limits, Susan is no longer working with lost animal cases. Susan's free aricle "How to Find a Lost Animal" has more resources and practical suggestions to help you reunite with your friend.

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