Susan Hamlin ~ Saratoga Animal Connection

Susan Hamlin Animal Commmunicator - image - photo credit Sabina Louise Pierce
Integrative support for
all creatures great and small,
and the people who love them

Saratoga Springs animal communicator Susan Hamlin is passionate about animals, with a complementary approach to support behavior, performance, and health.

Combining intuition with practical advice, Susan works with all animal species .. elite competitors, beloved family companions and new rescues.

about integrative animal communication


All animals - including humans - are born with the ability to connect with others in ways that are not limited to spoken language.

As humans re-discover our innate ability to listen deeply from the heart, using all our senses, we can experience the kindness and beauty of deep connection with our animal friends ... as they really are.

Integrative CONNECTIONS help you ...


Deepen your connection with the animals in your life, your community.. and people too!

Help support your animal companions' best life.. and yours!

Discover resources to help create lasting change.

Improve health, behavior, training and performance.

Navigate challenging times together.

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Diversity Policy: We honor all species, races, religions, spiritual traditions, genders, sexual orientation and identification.

This site is dedicated to all creatures great and small ... and the people who love them. Thanks for visiting!